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Zoom / Skype / FaceTime Program

While we offer a few different services to administer your music lessons, we specialize in personalized, live, one-on-one, online lessons with our Master Instructor. Whether it's Skype, FaceTime or another video conferencing program of your preference, we conduct your private piano lesson online just as if you were right here with us!

Girl Playing Beginner Piano
Instructors Come to You Program

If you prefer our Master Instructor to administer your lessons in your home, school or even your workplace on a lunch break, we offer a come-to-you service to conduct your private or group piano lessons. 

Students in Music Room
Students Come to Our Facility

Please contact us to be placed on the wait-list if you are interested in the student come-to-our-facility service to administer your private or group piano lessons.

Grand Piano
Custom Program  

Our Master Instructor respects the philosophy that not everybody learns the same way. While some people may learn great only in-person or conversely, perhaps strictly online, some may need a hybrid approach where they do both. Whatever your needs are, our ultimate goal is to allow the student to guide our Master Instructors to help them learn the beautiful art of music in the best way they can absorb and retain the material. 

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